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The aim of this project is to create a LINQ QueryProvider for Access databases similar to Entity Framework. This is not a 3rd party Party provider for Entity Framework (yet), and is not a fully-featured EF-style implementation.

But why? A lot of businesses still use Access as a backend, and being able to use the clean, fluent API to access an Access database makes possible an almost seamless transition if there is ever a decision to move to a real database.

Meanwhile, developers can enjoy the benefits of LINQ, type-safety and object-oriented programming without first having to load all the data into a Dataset.


  • Generates Access-compatible SQL statements from LINQ expressions
  • Supports Where, multiple Joins, First, Take, OrderBy, OrderByDescending, Select, Distinct
  • Code-first approach using custom attributes to map table and field names

Getting Started

See Usage and grab the Test Project


  • Currently only supports data retrieval (SELECT statements)
  • Doesn't support self-joins (In progress)
  • Very buggy. Use at your own risk.

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